Open the possibilities of accepting more applicants and getting your home rented faster.  With our partner company, Go4Rent, if your home is listed on the MLS it’s also listed on  Let all applicants know you accept a Rent Surety by logging into your Go4Rent account, clicking on your settings tab, and selecting Accept Rent Surety.  When renters search Go4Rent, they can search for homes that accept Rent Surety. This results in your home renting faster and at list price.

A Rent Surety Agreement pays the rent to the landlord when the tenant doesn’t or when the tenant vacates prior to the expiration of the lease agreement.  The tenant is  charged a one-time Initial Premium and Monthly Installments for the duration of the lease agreement.  Because the tenant is paying for the agreement, it is best to include the Monthly Installments into the lease agreement thus increasing the price of the monthly rent. 

Rent Surety pays the rent for up to 2 months and will file the eviction in the proper jurisdiction. The costs of the eviction in the lower court is included.