There are a lot of homes for rent. What makes your home stand out from the crowd and why is it still not rented?  Are the applications you are receiving too risky? Rent Surety can provide the financial security you need when accepting applicants with less than perfect credit or extenuating circumstances.  We pay the rent to you if your tenant does not pay or if your tenant vacates prior to the expiration of the lease agreement. The costs of the eviction in the lower court is included with the surety.

Our surety is fair and affordable.  Most renters pay less than $60.00 per month, far less than a double deposit. And, it’s included in your lease agreement.  When your tenant pays the monthly rent they are also paying the surety agreement.  The tenant will pay their monthly rent at and we will automatically deduct the monthly Rent Surety fee.

Contact your Realtors today and let them know you want to offer a Rent Surety Agreement to your listings. If you are not working with a realtor, add your listing to Go4Rent and let select Rent Surety in your Settings tab.