Why work with Rent Surety?

RentSURETY provides the landlord with more financial security when renting to risky, under qualified tenants.  RentSURETY can cover the rent and damages. 

The RentSURETY provides the landlords with the comfort of knowing if the tenant defaults and legal action is taken, RentSURETY will pay the rent to the landlord for up to 2 months.    

*Information obtained from quotes requested from January 2022 – March 2023 and based on an average monthly rent of $2,200.00. 

Some of our benefits

Always Available For You

To achieve great customer service, we do our best to answer every call and respond to each email. We understand how important it is to get homes leased soon and we will continue to assist in every way.    

Qualified Team Members

Our team members are highly qualified, educated, and skilled in the areas of real estate, eviction law, and property management. We have decades of experience in the areas we represent.

Fair Prices For All Renters

Our prices are both fair and affordable for all renters. The one time Initial Premium and reasonable Monthly Installments are based on the results of the tenant screening, not just the credit score.

Best Option For Landlords

The RentSURETY Agreement offers greater financial security than a double deposit in the event of a default for non-payment of rent. Our service requires far less upfront money and more coverage.


When we started over a decade ago, our mission was clear; to provide the best services to an underrepresented rental market.  Today, that mission still holds true.  With each of our partner brands, we offer a service for every aspect of the rental process.  Whether it’s advertising available rentals, processing lease applications, tenant screening, evictions services, or property management, we are with you every step of the way.  

Our brands exemplify our mission to be strong, supportive, and useful, and we will continue to provide the best services in the rental market.


If you are a Realtor and your rental is listed on the MLS, it is also listed on our partner site, Go4REnt.com.  Follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Go4Rent dashboard.
  2. Go to your settings tab.
  3. Select Accept RentSURETY on the right panel.   
  4. Change your default background check to Full Check.
  5. In your MLS Remarks put, “Please apply at Go4Rent.com.  Applicants will complete an online lease application, upload supporting documents, and pay their application fee.”
  6. Instruct all applicants to apply at Go4Rent.com.

When an applicant applies, Go4Rent will conduct the background checks and verifications.  Once the verifications have been completed RentSURETY will process a quote that will contain the Monthly Installments.  It is best to include the Monthly Installments in the lease agreement.  We will collect the RentSURETY fee prior to the tenant moving in.

Subsequent payments will cover the previous month’s rent, not to exceed 31 days, and will be delivered by the 10th day of the month.  If the loss date commences on a date other than the 1st day of the month, the loss payment will be prorated for that month.

RentSURETY is currently only available in Texas.