The RentSURETY pays the rent to the landlord when the tenant fails. It will pay the rent of up to 2 months and cover up to $1,000 in eviction related costs.

RENTERS:  Rent the home you want.  With a RentSURETY Agreement, your chances of getting approved are greatly increased. Don’t  risk being denied for the home you want.

REALTORS: There’s a higher chance of renting the home faster when you accept a RentSURETY because you’ve opened the market of available applicants.

LANDLORDS:  Guaranteed monthly rental payments. Why wait for a well qualified renter when you can rent the home to the first qualifying applicant? Best of all, the renter pays for the surety.

If you are a Realtor and your rental is listed on the MLS, it may also listed on our partner site, Go4REnt.com.  Follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Go4Rent dashboard.
  2. Go to your settings tab.
  3. Select Accept RentSURETY on the right panel.   
  4. Change your default background check to Full Check.
  5. In your MLS Remarks put, “Please apply at Go4Rent.com.  Applicants will complete an online lease application, upload supporting documents, and pay their application fee.”
  6. Instruct all applicants to apply at Go4Rent.com.
  7. Sign up for a property management tier. The home must be managed by Go4Rent.

When an applicant applies, Go4Rent will conduct the background checks and verifications.  Once the verifications have been completed, RentSURETY will process a quote that will contain the Initial Premium and Monthly Installments.  Go4Rent will write the lease and include the costs of RentSURETY into the lease agreement. The monthly rent is paid to Go4Rent. 

Most renters pay a one-time Initial Premium which averages $250 plus a monthly fee around $70.00 for the duration of the lease. These amounts are based on the rental payment history, source of income, amount of income, and credit score to name a few.  Applicants who are self employed or paid by commission may pay a slightly higher fee. 

The applicant has to apply through Go4Rent.com by searching for the rental listing on the home page and completing the online lease application. 

With RentSURETY, Go4Rent will hold the deposit as we are also managing the home.

The application fee is $85.00 per applicant and must be processed through Go4Rent.com where the applicant will complete an online Lease Application.  

It is best to include the Monthly Installments into the lease agreement, thus increasing the monthly rent.  The tenant will pay their monthly rent to Go4Rent and the RentSURETY fee will be automatically deducted each month.

The RentSURETY Agreement expires at the end of the lease agreement and will transition to a month-to-month agreement. 

We can add a RentSURETY Agreement as long as the lease has been in effect for less than 30 days. 

You can click here to be taken to the quote page.  This is a preliminary quote and is not a binding agreement. Go4Rent must verify the applicant’s employment and rental payment history as well as obtain a background check with a credit report.

No. Some renters with excessive circumstances will not qualify.  We do not execute RentSURETY Agreements where the rent exceeds $5,000 per month.

No. RentSURETY is currently only available in Texas.

We would have to review the application and determine when the eviction was filed.  It would be best to provide a Letter of Explanation with your lease application. If the eviction is more than 2 years from the court date, you will qualify. 

Tenant qualifications include the following:

  • Income must be 3 times the rent including the RentSURETY fee and you must be verifiable.
  • No recent evictions in the past 2 years
  • Credit score must be above 550
  • No late payments in the previous 6 months
  • The rent is not more than $5,000 per month
  • The home must be a single family residence, townhome, or condo. We do not provide RentSURETY to apartment communities.
  • The home must be used as the tenant’s primary residence.
  • The home cannot be used to operate a business that subleases other bedrooms.
  • The landlord must sign a property management agreement with Go4Rent. The home must be managed by Go4Rent.

The Agreement will last for the duration of the lease. We will evaluate the performance of the tenant to determine if they are eligible for another year. 

The rental terms must be at least 6 months but not more than 12 months.

The RentSURETY agreement will pay the rent to the landlord for up to 2 months and cover up to $1,000 in eviction related expenses. Go4Rent will pursue legal action against the tenant as well as place a judgement on the tenant’s credit report for missed rent and all legal fees.

Yes. The costs of the eviction is included up to $1,000.