Rental Payment Assurance

Open the possibilities of accepting more applicants and getting your home rented faster.  No need to wait for the “perfect” tenant to apply for the home.  You can now have more applicants applying for your home and get it rented fast. Life can be challenging.  Sometimes unexpected issues arise, making the approval process arduous and time consuming.  We provide the financial backing landlords like to have when renting to applicants with less than perfect credit or extenuating circumstances.  A Rental Payment Assurance agreement acts as a guarantor by providing the landlord with more financial security if the tenant defaults.
A Rental Payment Assurance agreement pays the rent to the landlord when the tenant stops paying.  The landlord is covered for the duration of the lease.  If the tenants fails to pay the rent for 14 consecutive days, RentSURETY will pay the rent to the landlord. We will work with the tenant to help get the tenant back on track or we will start the eviction process.  If the tenant fails to comply, we will continue to pay the rent as the rent comes due, evict the tenant, and find a tenant that meets the landlord’s rental requirements. 
Our program is fair and affordable.  Instead of paying an extra security deposit at move in, we require a one-time Initial Premium and small Monthly Installments for the duration of the lease agreement.  Initial Premiums range between $100-$400, while Monthly Installments average $115.00 per month for the duration of your lease agreement.